Digital Agency Owners: Taking Care of Business (& You)

Imagine this… You’re in a meeting with a client who could offer the turning point that your business needs. But they throw a curveball. No sweat. Because you’re an agile thinker, at the top of your game with mental clarity and resilience. You lean into your strength and pull something brilliant out of the bag. Deal done. 

Sometimes it’s that bit of ‘extra’ you’re able to give to a client, a project or your team that wins the day. But what’s the secret?

If you look at the most successful agency owners out there, they’re not rooted to their swivel chair. Sure they spend the necessary time doing the job, but unlike their typical peers, they put time in their diary for ‘powering up’ because it pays dividends – literally!

Physical strength and mental strength feed off and need each other. Whether it’s getting outside and doing something that involves fresh air and thinking space that gets your blood (and ideas) flowing, or the satisfying feeling of knowing you’re eating well and looking after your body from the inside out, you can tell the difference.

But it needs to be practical, manageable – after all you’re a busy digital business owner with a life outside of work as well. So the good news is there are small changes and better habits that you can fit in around your day.

Tips that *actually* work

  • Get up from your desk regularly, walk around, have a stretch, breathe
  • Put a walking treadmill in the office – if it’s there you’ll use it
  • Aim for around 1000 steps every hour (at a moderate pace this should take about 10 minutes)
  • Get rid of vending machines – they’re stocked with sugar and fat
  • Plan your food – tupperware is king
  • Delete fast food delivery apps – just, no
  • Use some leisure and family time for doing activities together

And here’s the thing – it won’t take long for you to start feeling great about yourself, your life and of course, your business. With a healthy outlook, your discipline becomes obvious as you present your best self to clients. And who wouldn’t want to do business with someone who’s disciplined? Nobody wants to work with someone with a yoghurt mentality.

Take action

It’s not news that the digital world is fast-paced – the landscape is constantly evolving and things can change overnight. You work in a creative field that thrives on innovation and fresh ideas. So do yourself, your team and your business justice by taking action to stay mentally and physically agile day-to-day. 

The easy choice of putting your own wellbeing on the back burner is easily done and can leave you in a state of burnout or even stagnation through lack of energy and clarity. Not good. Especially when you’re operating in a competitive market.

Start by making a few small changes, build on them, and see the difference it makes to your success.


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