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The pinnacle of adventure experiences

Discover the pinnacle of adventure experiences and brace yourself for a journey like no other with The CEO Adventurer.

Through these highly-anticipated packages, I am here to offer you world-class adventures – a truly unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the pinnacle of personal and professional growth, as together we unlock the secrets to resilience, innovation, and breakthroughs.

We're about to embark on an adventure that will rewrite the very fabric of possibility for you and your mindset.

And remember, how you do anything is how you do everything.


The term “Mastermind” is often used when we want to improve the mindset and focus of an individual. Engaging in discussions, sharing challenges and overcoming obstacles in turn will upskill you to align your actions with your goals.

Throughout your time with me, you will develop a heightened sense of confidence and self-belief. This new superhuman confidence will empower you to take bold actions, make strategic decisions, and overcome self-doubt.

The Adventure

If you're ready to truly break free from your comfort zone, there's no better opportunity than working with me one-to-one. Together, we'll embark on a journey that pushes the boundaries of what you thought possible, taking you to new heights both physically and mentally.

Brace yourself for an honest, no-holds-barred conversation where we cut through the noise and get to the heart of what's holding you back.
But, I won't let you off the hook easily.

You will be held accountable every step of the way because that's how real growth happens.

CEO Adventure Mastermind Programmes

Adventure 90

Coaching days 12 

Half days 3 

Final Expeditions 24 hour (Challenge) 

Motivational speakers.

VIP Experiences.


Event Food.

Mindset event.

Adventure 180

Coaching Days 15 

Epic UK Challenge - National Three Peaks, Yorkshire three peaks etc

Motivational speakers.

VIP Experiences.


Event Food.

Mindset event.

Adventure Immersion

Coaching days 20 

CEO weekend - Only the Brave Scotland

UK Grand Slam Event (for example, Welsh 3000m, National Three Peaks, Lone Survivor) International Grand Slam Event (for example, Base Camp, Matterhorn, Mount Kenya) Motivational speaker. VIP Experiences.

Mindset events x 2


Event Food.


What is included in a CEO Package?


All travel will be undertaken to the highest standard at all times. Travelling will be done via first-class trains, boats, and 4×4.

If you need advice, you will have my personal phone number and email address. If you wish to be picked up from home I can accommodate this too.


Throughout our journey, I will provide you with the finest lodgings, ranging from exquisite hotels to charming B&Bs with facilities including spas and well-equipped gyms.

What’s more, I have carefully hand-picked the accommodation myself, in some truly unique places.

Rest assured you will get a room to yourself at all times.


All meals are crafted in collaboration with a local meal prep company. We take any dietary requirements seriously and these will be catered for with the utmost care and attention.

Also available will be an assortment of snacks and drinks from Marks and Spencer. If you’re a coffee lover, I’ve got you covered with freshly brewed coffee on tap.

Facebook Members Only Group.

Camaraderie and shared experiences await you in our dedicated members-only group. A place to ask questions, share photos, and be around like-minded wise people. I can also offer you communication on another level using a private application called Slack.

It provides seamless communication and where support is always readily available to you. Kit and Equipment.

As we gear up for our exciting outings, we’ll discuss your specific needs and preferences. If you prefer, I can procure all the necessary items on your behalf, ensuring you have everything you require for our adventures.

Any specialized equipment or gear needed will be conveniently arranged for you. No need to worry about the logistics – we've got you covered. Whether it's hiking boots, protective gear, or any other essentials, we'll make sure they are available and ready for your use.


At our core, safety is our utmost priority, and that's why we hand-pick the finest staff members who are dedicated to maintaining a secure environment.

When it comes to your well-being, we leave no room for compromise.

Every measure is taken to ensure your safety and provide you with peace of mind throughout our journey together. Trust in our commitment to excellence and embark on your adventures with confidence, knowing that your safety is always our top concern.


One to One coaching will take place across the UK.

Expeditions will include Scotland, the Lake District, and North Wales.

We can participate in organised challenges of your choosing.

Attendance at events by leading motivational speakers.

Mindset events to challenge you personally such as heights, caves, and white water rafting. Only The Brave Mastermind Event with a Keynote speaker.

Major events inside the UK.

Major events outside of the UK.

What payment terms are in place?

To secure your extraordinary package, a 50% deposit is required. The details regarding the remaining balance payments will be discussed.

Don’t Be Shit.

I have crafted these programs to ensure you embark on the most remarkable adventures and unforgettable experiences.

And here's my unwavering commitment to your satisfaction: If, for any reason, you feel that I haven't lived up to your expectations, I offer a money-back guarantee. That's right, I'll refund you 100% of your investment. This is what we call "having skin in the game" because your happiness and fulfilment are at the core of everything I do.

Join with confidence and let's create memories that will leave you inspired, fulfilled, and eager for more.

Let's take the next step and schedule a call or arrange a face-to-face meeting. Together, we'll dive into the details and craft a personalized plan that will make 2023 an exceptional year for your personal life.


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