The Diary of a CEO Podcast

Episode 1 – Charlie Douthwaite

Ladies & Gentlemen, what a time to be alive! Welcome to the first episode of The Diary of a CEO Adventurer. I interview my good friend Charlie Douthwaite and explore his career highs, lows, and what the future looks like for this absolute grafter.

Episode 2 – Christopher Garvey

On this episode we are joined by the legend Chris Garvey. We talk all about his journey as a leader, businessman and how underwhelming skydiving can be, if you can believe it!

Episode 3 – Simon Crisp

Episode 3 is all about Simon Crisp, a living legend in the business game with some amazing advice. Simon spent his early career convincing people the internet would be the next big thing, some would say he was absolutely right! Keep listening for some amazing life lessons.

Episode 4 – Debra Staniforth

Kicking things right off with NLP legend DebRa Staniforth, we go right back to her childhood, other jobs and how she ended up int he fascinating world of NLP.

Episode 5 – Ian Cowie

Ian Cowie went from a very bleak looking life, drugs, prison and more to a complete U turn and now works harder and is more successful than most people could dream, but he’s still got plenty in the tank for more.

Episode 6 – Tony Campbell

As with all of our guests, Tony has led a bonkers life, but his spiritual journey alongside his business one has been something to behold and may change the way you approach running your business.


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