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Build your mental resilience

The CEO Adventurer Mindset Workshops are all designed to buildup mental resilience through powerful moments.

With a series of four Mindset Workshops available each one is all about working towards the things that you don’t want to do to unlock a new way of thinking. I’ll help you to conquer the things that you are afraid and leave you thinking what am I actually afraid of? Usually, it’s the fear of someone controlling the situation for you.

Take a look below at the packages available to you:


This resilient mindset workshop (RMW) takes part in The Peak District or Yorkshire Dales and grants a unique opportunity to explore a unique environment with a unbelievable outcome and transformed mindset.

Assault Course

Taking place in the same location as the iconic hit TV show The Krypton Factor, this high intensity assault course is a chance to work under your own command and leadership, whilst requiring intense physical activity and mental pressure.

Heights & Exposure

An abseiling workshop with the CEO Adventurer is designed to test how cool and calm you are within a high stake environment. Will you take the leap of faith?

Attack Dogs

A unique opportunity to understand is it the fear if being bit or actually being bitten that scares you? You don’t realise how often you’ll experience a similar feeling in the world of business.

In life we have to be committed to what we ask for, which is why I ask for a 25% deposit to participate in our mindset workshops.

If you take action, I’ll take action.

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